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Welcome To Cushions Hub

We are a specialized family-owned business from Australia that focuses solely on "Cushions and Pillows" which differentiates us from large multinationals that sell anything!

Cushions are essential for any household. Cushions are a simple yet creative way to enrich your home appearance and enhance your couch comfort. However, consumers often find it hard to buy a cushion that offers both comfort and style at the same time. We sell cushions that provide a perfect mixture of comfort and style at a much affordable price that differentiates us from other competitors in the market.

Not only this, Cushions & Pillows play an integral role in keeping your spine neutral. The core function of any Pillow or cushion is to support good posture by keeping your neck aligned with the rest of the body. An uncomfortable cushion or pillow can lead to adverse health conditions like neck pain, back pain, and headaches. Our cushions and pillows are created by keeping all medical requirements in mind, solving all your health-related problems. Each of our cushions & pillows provides additional support for your spinal cord, advanced comfort for your back, and protection from neck strain. We are also working on making a pillow for hips and backs to protect our customers from hip pain and provide excellent lumbar support.

We aim to provide our customers with one of the best cushions and pillows, keeping environmental factors in mind. Since resources are scarce, we firmly believe in recycling items and producing eco-friendly products. Our cushions & pillows are manufactured from recycled plastic, extra cushiony foam, and organic cotton, making them environmentally friendly.

We have the best online collection of cushions in the country as we provide a wide variety of high-quality cushions that initially started from outdoor cushions, chair cushions, and sleep cushions. Moreover, with time we have added more categories to our collection, becoming the one-click solution for all your needs. Plus, our team of experts is always there to assist you in making things easy and comfy, making Cushions hub the first choice for all Cushion & Pillow lovers.

Our Floor cushions, Cot Cushions, and Children's Cushions provide the same level of comfort and relaxation as expected. Plus, for kids, we are specifically focusing on Animal themed cushions. These cushions are also known as bright cushions or Bright Colored Cushions due to their attractive color combinations. Our newly invented Nursery-shaped cushions can dramatically improve the appearance of your children's room.

When it comes to our sleep cushions, our sleep cushions are one of the best on the market. Our sleep cushions provide additional support to keep your neck and back aligned, protecting you from neck pains and spinal strains. An uncomfortable sleep cushion not only leads to neck and spinal pain but also contributes to stress and sleep deprivation , causing headaches. Our sleep cushion will assure you get a desirable sleep every night, eventually reducing headaches and increasing your quality of life. We offer a wide range of sleep cushions. These comprise of sleepers cushions, stomach sleepers cushions, back sleeper cushions, and body type cushions.

Moreover, our boho and Hampton cushions will make your living room look colorful and lively. We use high-quality colors and ingredients to manufacture our boho and Hampton cushions. We have hired a separate team of highly qualified designers who come up with unique ideas and designs that can complement your living room and make your home appearance far more appealing. Each of our boho and Hampton cushions go through a strict quality control procedure so that we can deliver you cushions that can make your living room look luxurious but at a much more affordable price.

Furthermore, our outdoor chair cushion is a perfect blend of Ergonomic chairs and sofa cushions, making our outdoor cushions superb in terms of comfortability. Our outdoor chair cushion also falls under the category of our best-selling cushions alongside our seat cushions, outdoor pillows, and outdoor seat cushions.

We also provide pillow covers to keep your pillow inserts safe from dirt, dust, and germs. We are further working on acquiring Relief Seat Cushions and Pressure Relief Cushion as pairs to provide our customers next level of satisfaction. Buying cushions is one of the simplest and budget-friendly ways to fill up empty spaces in your house. We try to deliver you one of the best Contemporary cushions designs, Modern ethnic cushions, Bohemian Style Cushions, Geometric Cushions, and Designer Cushions that enhance your life experience.

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